About Blendtique

You’re about to change the way you think about wine.

There’s no denying the explosion of wine culture around the world. It’s a part of our history and for many of us a part of who we are. We drink it with dinner, use it to unwind and -given the opportunity- some of us would probably even bathe in it. Yet, as enthusiasts, we also know that wine will forever remain subjective. What might be right for Jack, may simply not appeal to Jill. What satisfies the Smith’s, might be a little bland for the Johnson’s; but isn’t that one of the things that makes wine so remarkable?

Blendtique Wine Company is a revolutionary new concept whereby the everyday consumer can create and design a personalized wine blend from the comfort of home. For the first time, you –the enthusiast- can take part in the winemaking process, not simply to taste, but to blend, experiment, and even package a wine created thoughtfully by you, for you.

Whether blending as an individual, date-night activity, wedding party, or restaurateur -our one-of-a-kind system helps put the power of creativity back into the hands of the only discerning palate in the room that matters –yours!

So why wouldn’t you create your own wine from the couch? You’re already there, and we know you want a glass of wine. It’s really just efficiency at its best. So this time let’s make it your own. Experiment with flavors, advocate aromas, and even design your very own wine label –we have a feeling you’re going to enjoy it.

Blendtique Wine Company invites you to explore the art of the blend and get your creative juices flowing. Then, click on over to the Build Your Custom Blend link to upload your favorite recipe, design your entirely original label, and we’ll take care of the rest…

And just think, the next time you’re asked to bring a bottle of wine to dinner, you might as well bring the one you know you like. It could have your name written all over it; or face, or personal credo… Just remember to enjoy life and enjoy wine!