About Maceoo

When an MIT Engineer, a French menswear associate, and a business industry major happen to be born in the same family, the result is innovation.

Mehdi Raad started his career in Telecom, helping to design everything from LTE networks around the globe, to devices for Apple.

While working around the world, he had difficulty finding clothes that were appealing and comfortable.

Inspired to make a change, he decided to code an algorithm based on a sample of 30 million people to fix this very issue. He knew that he would find a way to combine fashion and comfort.

Maceoo began in San Diego at the Andaz Hotel, the current home of Maceoo. Here he met the owner of a little Italian factory who decided to join him in creating the very first shirt based on this innovative mathematical model.

After five years of building Maceoo while working full time as a telecom engineer, Maceoo has reached 365 Point of Sale and has a full (and always growing) team of dedicated warriors!