About Nollapelli

Sleep is the foundation of good health and the next generation of bedding maximizes sleep. Nollapelli is the only company bringing textile technology to beds nationwide to help you sleep better.

Their patent-pending fabric is a blend of both natural and synthetic yarns. This signature combination creates two different "faces" of the fabric. The side that touches your skin is designed to stay dry, cool, cozy and smooth while the outward-facing side's goal is to absorb and quickly dissipate any moisture from the body. Nollapelli bedding is two times more breathable and dries 20% faster than cotton, plus it is extremely durable, easy to care for, and made in the USA.

Nollapelli was founded by Allison Howard, a chemical engineer who was tired of waking up not looking or feeling refreshed. The lack of innovation in bedding fabrics and disregard for beauty, wellness, and sleep quality lead her to create the signature fabric that launched Nollapelli - bedding that works overtime, maximizing sleep while restoring your whole body.