About NytStnd

What seems to be like the most ironic of business relationships from the outside reader of this story has actually turned out to be exactly how these two partners thought it ‘wood.’

NYTSTND, a leader in the multi-device charging industry has teamed up with one of the leading Amish woodworking outfits in the Midwest. In fact, we are practically neighbors in Mansfield, Ohio where NYTSTND is headquartered.

Ironic indeed. For centuries now, many divisions of the Amish do not get their power from the public electric grid where NYTSTND, essentially is a provider of power to the public, through their incredibly handcrafted wood and tech savvy charging devices.

Adam Bdoyan, who leads the charge at NYTSTND knew that if he wanted to design and craft the finest charging devices in the industry and source only the best wood locally, he needed to look no further than just down the road. “NYTSTND is the only real wood-based multi-charging device in the marketplace. We look at our products as a compliment to the furniture industry actually. We feel there is no place in the US with the history and craftsmanship of furniture and wood made products than our Amish friends” says Bdoyan.

As well known as the Amish are for their quality, work ethic and craftsmanship they are also known for their business acumen and recognize great business opportunities when they see it. For as long as the Amish have been tending the land and utilizing nature’s resources they have been running successful businesses just as long.

So, as much as we see the self-sufficient way of life of our Amish neighbors, worlds apart from our own ‘tech-sufficient’ way of lives, all of us will always have the ‘need’ to ‘connect.’ We all have that need to connect for various social or economical or religious reasons, whether it’s with family, friends or with nature, we all just happen to find different ways of doing so.