About PX Clothing

Let’s start with where we’re from. We’re a family business born and bred in sunny Los Angeles, and our love for the golden state is apparent in everything we do. Since 2000, our team has been working hard to imbue the laidback, sun-soaked spirit of SoCal into every aspect of our line—no matter where our pieces end up. These days, you’ll find PX Clothing at retailers around the world, from Central America to Europe, Australia to the Middle East. And that’s just the beginning.

Our Vision
The further our pieces travel, the more we dedicate ourselves to our original goal: to create a menswear line that marries quality design with high style, while never sacrificing comfort. And sure, anyone could say that. The marriage of style and comfort is something every brand strives for, but we’re not paying attention to what everyone else is doing. We’re focusing on doing what we do best: designing apparel and accessories that fit seamlessly into your life—from your morning commute to your evening cocktail hour.

Our Design
You’re not into gimmicks. We’re not either. We do our thing, and we do it well. We create menswear that goes where you go, whether that’s the beach, the brewery, and yes, even the boardroom. Our designs are timeless, not trendy, because when you buy a great piece, you want it to last. They’re comfortable, because clothes should make you feel good. And they’re reasonably priced, because you’ve got better things to drop $300 on than a t-shirt. It's fashion you can actually wear (and want to wear)!

Our Commitment To Sustainability
We’re proud to say sustainability is more than a buzzword to us. We know the earth isn’t an endless resource here for the taking, and we’re continually taking steps to ensure we keep an eye on our ecological footprint. That means partnering with factories that have taken efforts to go green, and we don’t just mean by recycling errant water bottles. We’re talking using wind turbines to produce the energy that powers our machines. Employing reverse osmosis so that the water used in our fabric dying process can be reused. Because our relationship with Mother Nature is our most important one— and we want to make sure we do right by her.