About Rustico

Something truly individual and expressive happens when we craft art that's useful and beautiful. We also think art should be a shared experience, so in every Rustico piece, we've left room for your creativity.

Materials? Only the Finest.

Leather. Raw on purpose.

We’re creators. Craftsmen. Artisans. And we love using awesome leather for the pieces we craft. We care about the materials in our creative arsenal, which is why we only pick high-quality top-grain leather from American cowhides.

When you get your first Rustico piece, take care to notice the stiff leather. We’ve left things just raw enough so it will take on the characteristics of your journey. Take it with you wherever you go and let it collect your adventures and your impressions.

Paper. Handsewn.

#70 text, felt finish, FSC certified, acid-free/archival, min. 30% post-consumer content. We’ll interpret: We love our paper, and we think you will too.

Every time you write on a page in a Rustico journal or notebook, you’ll sense your words lasting lifetimes and your experiences becoming a part of who you are.

Thread. Irish-waxed linen.

Crafting journals requires big needles and a few calloused fingers before you get a brilliantly crafted piece made with Irish-waxed linen. Irish linen has a deep crafting history, and today, though the authentic Irish linen industry is much smaller than it was in the past, we continue to use it to bring you quality journals that will last. We want to help you keep all your ideas in one place with pages that won’t fall out, no matter where you take them.

Made not produced in the USA

When you click submit on your order, our team gets to work. A lot of folks don't know this but we're made to order. Pull, cut, sew, ship. That's the name of the game. By keeping our workshop local and skilled talents right here at home, it helps ensure our products utmost durability and functionality. They then come out to one day become family heirlooms. Our craftsmanship is a treasured cornerstone here and one which we take great pride in.

American Craftsmanship

This is where the artisan touch matters most. Our artisans take their time carefully piecing together your new Rustico item. It's a process that can't be rushed and we don't cut any corners when it comes crafting quality. When you buy a Rustico product, you are buying the toughest materials out there. Look for our custom, branded Rustico rivet in each piece which ensures we stand behind our brand.