About Slice EDC


An EDC folding knife belongs to a category of gear known as Every Day Carry, or EDC, items. These essential items include watches, knives, phones, flashlights, multi-tools and more. EDC enthusiasts swap reviews and information about which gear to invest in, including which is the best EDC folding knife for your money.

An EDC knife, as a cutter, is a generalist rather than a specialist. In other words, it needs to be able to cut the wide variety of materials you encounter in everyday life: cardboard, clamshell packaging, tape, etc. Specialty cutting jobs are best left to specialty knives. Because an EDC knife is a long-term investment, it should be dependable, durable, and comfortable to use.

How Is the Slice Folding Pocket Knife Different?

The Slice® small folding pocket knife has several advantages. The first, of course, is safety. An EDC carrier needs a tool that can tackle many different materials, but skin isn’t one of them. Slice developed a proprietary manufacturing process for its advanced ceramic blades that gives them a finger-friendly® edge.

Traditional blades, whether made from metal or ceramic, have dangerous edges that are extremely sharp—far sharper than what’s needed to cut most materials. Over sharpening is a workaround intended to compensate for metal’s relatively quick dulling. While this extends the wear of a metal blade, it sacrifices user safety. Other ceramic blades mimic this traditional extremely sharp edge and are just as dangerous. While Slice blades can’t eliminate all risk of lacerations (if they could, they wouldn’t cut anything), they are the safest option on the market today. The 10495 ships with a rounded-tip blade to further protect against puncture wounds.

If you’re going to carry a tool every day, it needs to be comfortable to carry. That means not too heavy, not unwieldy. This pocketable, nimble tool comes equipped with a lanyard hole for a leather cord, making it quick to find when you’re reaching into your pocket for a knife. Its lightweight, compact design allows you to attach it to a key ring so it’s always with you. Small is an asset when it comes to EDC, and the 10495 is one of the smallest folding pocket knives available.