About Alpeaks

Alpeaks began as a way to bridge the gap between a desire to make awesome metal goods and a love for the American back country. On many of my trips to our national and state parks I've brought home souvenirs like postcards, paintings, and t-shirts, but these items could never quite convey the majesty of the places I had just visited. Finally, after a recent backpacking trip to Washington state, I had the idea to make my own souvenirs that could accurately capture the terrain, scale, and natural beauty of the places we love most.

Doing It Right
I don't think it makes any sense to create products about nature unless they're for nature too. We machine all of our models in a small shop in Jacksonville, FL using sustainably sourced materials including recycled aluminum, stainless steel, and copper alloys. All of our packaging materials are recycled and / or recyclable, and all of our tools and supplies are designed and built in the United States to lessen our impact on the environment and support our domestic economy.

Moving Forward
Our plan at this point is to keep designing new models of America's mountains and national parks until we've created something for everyone. There are quite a few notable peaks in the USA, so we've got a lot of work to look forward to. We're excited to help make a difference by contributing to the well-being of our natural spaces.