Black Card Membership

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Black Card Membership

Black Card Membership

Black Card Membership

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$4 / month billed annually

Complimentary Shipping

Revel in the magic of free shipping, an enchanting perk bestowed upon our illustrious Black Card members. Once you've entered your divine credentials, that pesky $4.99 fee vanishes into thin air, allowing you to indulge in your new treasures without the burden of postage.

The Art of the Returns

Dearest Black Card VIPs, bask in the glow of your elite status, which grants you the extraordinary privilege of returning any item that doesn't set your heart aflutter. Non-members, take heed: all discounted treasures are yours for keeps, as returns are a privilege reserved for our elite Black Card holders.

Access Limited Luxuries

Prepare to be dazzled by the ultimate perk: early access to our ultra-limited, deeply discounted releases. As a member, you'll get a head start to secure these coveted items before they're unveiled to the masses. With only 100 units available at these unbeatable prices, this velvet rope treatment is the most valuable benefit of your membership.

Queries of the Curious

Welcome to the hallowed halls of HVNDRED, where exclusivity is our middle name and luxury is our game. Our Black Card Membership is your golden ticket to a world of unparalleled perks and VIP treatment. By snagging this coveted Membership, you're pledging your allegiance to our Subscription Policy, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. Consider it a sacred pact between us, the purveyors of extraordinary experiences, and you, the discerning connoisseur.

Subscription Fee and Renewal

  • The annual dues for your Black Card Membership? A mere $49.00. A trifling sum for access to a realm of opulence.
  • Your Membership will automatically renew each year on the anniversary of your initiation into our exclusive club.
  • Fear not, we won't leave you in the dark. Prior to your Renewal Date, we'll send a courtesy reminder of your impending renewal and the upcoming charge to your preferred method of payment.
  • We'll make three valiant attempts to charge the payment method you've entrusted us with. If these attempts are thwarted, your Membership will be unceremoniously revoked, and all benefits will vanish like a puff of smoke.
  • It's your sacred duty to ensure that your payment information is as current as your fashion sense. Failure to do so may result in the untimely demise of your Membership.

Cancellation Policy

  • Should you ever desire to part ways with your Black Card Membership (perish the thought!), simply navigate to your account on our digital domain, www.hvndred.com, and follow the cancellation rites prescribed therein.
  • To avoid being charged for another year of unrivaled perks, you must cancel before your Renewal Date. Cancellations made after the Renewal Date will not be met with a refund or pro-rated amount for the remaining days of your Membership. We're firm believers in "you snooze, you lose."
  • Upon cancellation, your Membership will remain active until the clock strikes midnight on your current subscription period. Once the proverbial carriage turns back into a pumpkin, your access to all Membership benefits will be revoked.

Changes to Subscription Policy

  • We reserve the right to amend this Subscription Policy at our discretion. Any changes will take effect immediately upon their consecration on our digital scroll.
  • Your continued allegiance to the Black Card Membership after such changes have been immortalized constitutes your unwavering acceptance of the revised Subscription Policy.

Contact Information

If you have any burning questions or concerns regarding this Subscription Policy or your Membership, our team of elite customer service oracles can be reached at customers@hvndred.com. We're always ready to illuminate the path to an unparalleled shopping experience.

The Black Card represents the embodiment of our organization's reverence for elevated clientele. Members are bestowed the ability to return, complete nullification of all shipping charges, guaranteed access to newly unveiled collections, and an ensemble of other rarefied courtesies such as surprise gifts on your anniversary.

Admission into our illustrious Black Card fraternity dictates a annual membership provision of $49. This nominal investment eschews limitations and empowers one to fully indulge in HVNDRED's bounties unrestrained.

Ah, one of the true privileges of being an esteemed HVNDRED Black Carder! It's simple - just log into your account before checking out, and the free shipping will be automatically applied. No codes, no hassle, just smooth sailing.

After entering your divine members-only credentials, you'll notice that insidious $4.99 shipping fee has vanished into thin air. Like it never even existed. Your order total will be drastically reduced, and you can proceed to checkout secure in the knowledge that your new treasures will arrive quickly without further fees. It's just one of the many perks you receive for joining our illustrious ranks.

As an elite HVNDRED Black Carder, you have the singular privilege of repatriating any items that fail to spark joy. The process is simple:

First, sign into your account using those super-special members-only login credentials of yours. You'll then notice a new "Returns" section appear like magic. This hallowed ground is reserved only for you, the upper echelon.

Following your completion of the form on that page, anticipate an expedient reply from our discerning team with your instructions.

Whenever we're about to release a new batch of super limited items at can't-resist prices, we'll give our beloved Black Carders a head start - an exclusive window to snatch them up before anyone else. Velvet rope treatment!

Excellent question! We want to ensure even your very first HVNDRED experience as a newly-minted Black Carder is smothered in luxury. And what's more luxurious than free shipping?

When you proceed to checkout after adding that $49 annual Black Card membership to your cart, you'll notice the free shipping experience kicks in immediately. Instantaneously, that pesky $4.99 shipping fee will vanish like it never existed.

So embrace that new lavish lifestyle right from the start. You've earned this elite VIP treatment, after all!

But of course. While we sincerely appreciate commitment, all memberships can be canceled at any juncture without penalty simply by logging in to your subscription account. Your satisfactory experience is our paramount directive.

We humbly thank you for your discerning interest. To inaugurate your Black Card membership, merely add the membership card to your cart above. After attending to the $49 annual provision, you officially enter our sacrosanct echelon of reverence and gratification.


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