Frequently Asked Questions

HVNDRED operates as an exclusive boutique marketplace, curating limited collections of premium goods from esteemed brands and purveyors. Our discerning members gain access to these coveted items at exceptional values, though strictly limited to 100 units per product at the sale price. This fosters a civilized air of desirable scarcity.

And in the circle of the initiated, indeed, we were previously recognized as Bowery Ave.

While the name HVNDRED may appear unconventional at first glance, it elegantly encapsulates the foundational premise of our enterprise. Each meticulously sourced offering experiences a finite production run of precisely 100 units, thereby ensuring rarified exclusivity for our membership.

Certainly. Our model is strategically streamlined—we forge strategic partnerships with prestigious brands and acquire a finite allotment of their wares to be offered at generous discounts unavailable elsewhere. Once those 100 units are disbursed at a discount, the product is regrettably returned to full-price or retired from our collective. Thus, promptness is encouraged amongst our members.

Assured Acquisition With HVNDRED

You have my word - we only align with the most reputable and esteemed brands, procuring our entire inventory directly from approved authorized vendors. Each article undergoes a meticulously thorough quality inspection to certify authenticity before admission into our curated collections.

A speculative situation that warrants clarity - our prices reflect utmost fidelity to our partnership agreements. However, should you present a legitimately superior advertised value for an identical product elsewhere, we would make a pragmatic effort to amend the discrepancy while preserving the integrity of our reciprocal arrangements.

Shipping Philosophies

Each brand purveys and transports their distinct product, the brand's identity is showcased at the apex of every product page and below the 'add to cart' button.

Of course - we defer a flat-rate shipping fee of $4.99 to decisively facilitate swift conveyance of your newest acquisitions. This nominal consideration permits the implementation of our accredited carriers' most expediently hasty delivery modalities.

The fee is waived if you possess our Black Card, granting free shipping, easy returns, and more.

At present, our operations are delimited to domestic distributions within the 50 U.S. states. However, we are actively developing policies and partnerships to facilitate a seamless international acquisition experience you've come to expect in the foreseeable future.

You can generally anticipate your parcel to arrive within 5-8 business days of procurement, though well-populated metropolitan locales may experience even more accelerated courier transit times. Naturally, remote regions could accrue marginal supplemental delays.

All orders are issued comprehensive tracking credentials upon processing, allowing clientele to remotely monitor the precise transit and delivery status of their impending parcel via secure online portals. These utilities ensure complete transparency.


No sweat, it happens! Just hit us up on email or live chat within 4 hours of placing your order (and before 6 pm CST), and our team will cancel it quicker than you can say "oopsie daisy." But once our system goes into autopilot after that 4-hour window, your order starts its journey into the real world.

If you miss the cancellation cutoff, don't panic. We'll still try our darndest to stop that order in its tracks, but we can't make any guarantees. And just so you know, this policy applies to both our Black Card VIPs and regular shoppers alike.

So, if you're feeling some buyer's remorse, give us a holler ASAP, and we'll do our best to sort it out. Time is of the essence in the whirlwind world of HVNDRED!

Returns and Exchanges

We hold an uncompromising stance—all curated acquisitions are explicitly regarded as final sale purchases without opportunity for return or refund for non-Black Card members (see ensuing question). This policy empowers us to sustain the superlative valuations our members have come to expect while honoring our reciprocal partners.

Indeed, we thoroughly appreciate a client's prerogative to acquire and divest of articles as they so choose. This principle inspired our esteemed Black Card Membership which, among its multitude of privileges, grants holders full examination and unrestricted return privileges on all procurements.

Mistakes can happen, even for esteemed curators like us. If your order shows up looking less than pristine - whether damaged, defective or not as described - simply reach out to our Ambassadors team within 7 days or receipt.

Quality is king at HVNDRED, so we'll rectify any flawed situations promptly. Just let us know and we've got your back!

Being a HVNDRED Black Carder

The Black Card represents the embodiment of our organization's reverence for elevated clientele. Members are bestowed the ability to return, complete nullification of all shipping charges, guaranteed access to newly unveiled collections, and an ensemble of other rarefied courtesies such as surprise gifts on your anniversary.

Admission into our illustrious Black Card fraternity dictates a annual membership provision of $49. This nominal investment eschews limitations and empowers one to fully indulge in HVNDRED's bounties unrestrained.

Ah, one of the true privileges of being an esteemed HVNDRED Black Carder! It's simple - just log into your account before checking out, and the free shipping will be automatically applied. No codes, no hassle, just smooth sailing.

After entering your divine members-only credentials, you'll notice that insidious $4.99 shipping fee has vanished into thin air. Like it never even existed. Your order total will be drastically reduced, and you can proceed to checkout secure in the knowledge that your new treasures will arrive quickly without further fees. It's just one of the many perks you receive for joining our illustrious ranks.

As an elite HVNDRED Black Carder, you have the singular privilege of repatriating any items that fail to spark joy. The process is simple:

First, sign into your account using those super-special members-only login credentials of yours. You'll then notice a new "Returns" section appear like magic. This hallowed ground is reserved only for you, the upper echelon.

Following your completion of the form on that page, anticipate an expedient reply from our discerning team with your instructions.

Whenever we're about to release a new batch of super limited items at can't-resist prices, we'll give our beloved Black Carders a head start - an exclusive window to snatch them up before anyone else. Velvet rope treatment!

Excellent question! We want to ensure even your very first HVNDRED experience as a newly-minted Black Carder is smothered in luxury. And what's more luxurious than free shipping?

When you proceed to checkout after adding that $49 annual Black Card membership to your cart, you'll notice the free shipping experience kicks in immediately. Instantaneously, that pesky $4.99 shipping fee will vanish like it never existed.

So embrace that new lavish lifestyle right from the start. You've earned this elite VIP treatment, after all!

But of course. While we sincerely appreciate commitment, all memberships can be canceled at any juncture without penalty simply by logging in to your subscription account. Your satisfactory experience is our paramount directive.

We humbly thank you for your discerning interest. To inaugurate your Black Card membership, merely visit the dedicated sovereign on our website. After attending to the $49 annual provision, you officially enter our sacrosanct echelon of reverence and gratification.