About Baxter Wood

Our eco-conscious approach
At Baxter Wood we are committed to the planet and its people. From our use of post-consumer plastic bottles to our planet-friendly materials, we are taking meaningful steps in creating, consuming, and uncreating ethically.

Every minute, one million water bottles are sold globally. Which is why we craft the lining of our styles with recycled post consumer plastic bottles.

Founded in 2018
After a trip to Ghana, West Africa, Kweku and Sarah encountered unregulated plastic waste. Their trip resulted in a mission to uncreate plastic waste into practical apparel.

Our Materials: Water bottle to waterproof
Unlike traditional raincoats made from PVC, an extremely toxic petroleum-based plastic, our Trawler Raincoats are made from rPET polyester, a fabric that’s woven from recycled plastic bottles. We then coat the rPET with polyurethane, making it fully waterproof and extremely durable.

Create, Consume, Uncreate.