About Belle-V

Their co-founders love products that are stunningly beautiful, perform brilliantly and exude craftsmanship. Belle-V came to be as a result of a long lasting relationship between a Wharton professor, a world-renown design firm and an accomplished serial-entrepreneur – each doing what they love and working together to bring these ideals to reality.

Belle-V launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Here is the story behind Belle-V's first product, the Belle-V ice cream scoop. This product formed the foundation for Belle-V's approach and design process for all of its products:

Belle-V brings the good life through our kitchen products. Each Belle-V product has a striking design you can proudly show-off when serving, hosting or entertaining. For example, the Belle-V ice cream scoop makes an excellent center piece when serving dessert at your next party.

The form of each Belle-V product is driven by function and sculpted, weighted and balanced to feel just right in your hand. Incorporating functional features, such as the angled head and spade-shaped leading edge of our ice cream scoop, our products deliver exceptional performance.

Each Belle-V product is designed to last and last. Our products are born as metal castings. The simple forms are solid and durable. They are finished and polished by hand, crafted to our exacting standards.