About Brode

You're used to seeing electrolytes come as drinks...

We turned that into a vitamin, the Brode Electrolyte Vitamin, which you can take with any drink.

More Convenient. More Portable.

Brode is so lightweight and convenient that you can keep them around anywhere and take them with any drink that you have handy. Perfect for a gym bag or outdoor trek.

All the Electrolytes with No Sugar or Sweeteners (Or Weird Flavors)

You don't have to drink a bottle of "Neon Green" or "Balistic Blue", loaded with sugars or artificial sweeteners, to get the electrolytes that you need. Brode Electrolyte Vitamin's neutral flavor goes down easy with any drink, from water or iced tea to even hefeweizen or cabernet.

Yes, You Can Take Brode With Beer.

Brode's easy portability makes it a snap to take anywhere, and it's neutral flavor lets it go down with any drink. So go ahead, bring it with you to the bar or party. You'll be glad you did. In fact, 4 of 5 people who take Brode while drinking say that they feel better, with less hangover.

How do Electrolytes Work?

Your body tries to maintain a balanced ratio between water and electrolytes at all times.

Your muscular and nervous systems use little electrical signals to communicate. Electrolytes make this possible.

If you have too much water and not enough electrolytes, or if you have too many electrolytes and not enough water, it can be a problem for your body because this delicate ratio is out of balance.