About Brrrn

They created the world’s first cool temperature fitness studio and It all started in a beer fridge in Brooklyn…

Two guys. One beer fridge.

Back in the summer of 2013, while Jimmy is making his break in the New York City comedy circuit, he takes on a side gig as a personal trainer. During one of his sessions, a client complains about training in the heat (to be fair, it was a scorcher of a morning in July), and remarked on how she felt her fittest and exercised more effectively during the Fall/Winter months. Curious as to how anyone could prefer the cold, Jimmy begins researching the benefits of cooler climate exercise. When he can’t find anything, he knows he’s onto something revolutionary. He comes up with the concept of Brrrn—a cool temperature fitness experience—and like so many great, untapped ideas, files it away for a later date.

Fast forward one year (and a couple of SNL stints) later, Jimmy meets Johnny at a private training studio in SoHo. They get to talking and Jimmy quickly learns that Johnny comes from a background in public health with a focus on physical activity and healthy living. A lightbulb goes off in Jimmy’s head: Johnny’s the missing link in his Brrrn adventure! He floats the concept of Brrrn by Johnny and while a tad skeptical (he’s a facts guy, what can we say), Johnny’s intrigued enough to dig a little deeper.

A couple of late nights of research later, Johnny discovers that not only is there an overwhelming amount of evidence about the benefits of exercising in cooler temperatures, but also that out of the 36,000 fitness concepts in the U.S., zero—yes, zero—operate below 72°F. Johnny rapid fires an email in all-caps to Jimmy: WE HAVE TO DO THIS

But first, they put the evidence to the test. Inside the 38°F beer fridge of Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn, Jimmy and Johnny perform their first cool-temp workout trial and LOVE IT. And that’s not the beer talking.

The proof?

In May of 2018, they open the world’s first cool temperature fitness studio in Manhattan’s Flatiron/Chelsea neighborhood.