About Champ

The bottom line: nobody likes buying condoms.
Sifting through neon condom boxes promising Max Ecstacy™ in the drugstore is uncomfortable. And buying them from unverified online re-sellers doesn’t feel great.

For too long, second-rate purchasing options have kept people from getting the sex health products they need. We’re here to change that.

Who are we? Three guys who, just like you, thought existing methods of buying condoms and lube sucked.

To us, prioritizing health and wellness in all areas of your life is important, and that includes your sex life. In fact, we think it’s something to be proud of.

That’s why we created Champ. No awkward cashier conversations, and no wondering what hot warehouse your products sat in before they got to you. Just premium, clean-label sex health products delivered straight to your door.

It’s common sense and, somehow, revolutionary.