About Charix

What is Charix?
For centuries, skilled craftsmen in Turkey have been handmaking artisanal leather shoes, called charik. Inspired by their minimal, timeless design, we elevated them with modern craftsmanship. We called them Charix.

As avid travelers, we thought that the perfect pair would combine the shoes' raw aesthetics with better comfort, consistent fit, and lasting quality, without sacrificing any part of either. So we set out to make it.

We brought in modern tools, capable hands, and an abundance of creativity into our atelier to rebuild the classic version down to every last detail, including: (1) Memory-Foam Insole, (2) Durable, Non-Skid Outsole, (3) Half Sizes, (4) Consistent Fit, (5) Contoured Heel, and (6) Softer, Finer Stitching.

Trial after trial, we found the perfect harmony: an original modern version that preserves the artisan magic of the traditional footwear and feels like you are walking on air. We are the only brand that offers these classic shoes with the specifications of contemporary high-end footwear.