About DMOS Collective

DMOS is an acronym that stands for “Do My Own Shit.” To us, the name is rooted in a Do-It-Yourself mentality of self-reliance we find in our home state of Wyoming. We got pissed when cheap plastic shovels would break just when the going got tough. Shoveling snow or digging dirt—we wanted a tool that wouldn’t let us down during heavy mountain storms or on off-the-grid adventures deep into BLM land. We knew we could shape and build something with more grit and toughness. The result was applying a throwback bootstrap mentality to what we built into, hands down, the best shovel in the west.

At DMOS® we are driven by a spirit of strength and survival. One reason is the tenacity of company founder Susan Pieper, who digs deep into every challenge she tackles. Pieper cut her adventure teeth on 10,000 miles of open-ocean sailing. After migrating to the mountains, she discovered where a real 4x4 could take her—a passion that lead to raids like the 1200-mile Rebelle Rally where the tools you trust matter.

A Harvard MBA, Pieper also survived the brutal grind of high tech startups and Wall Street finance before trading those jungles for the rugged mountains and wide-open landscapes of Jackson, Wyoming. In that environment, she proved true the blue-sky thinking that the shovel could be reinvented. Born and bred in the industrial Midwest, Pieper built DMOS with a commitment to American manufacturing and a strong belief in toughness as the defining character of tools built to enable our wildest adventures.

Founded and funded in 2015 with a big Kickstarter idea for a tough, packable shovel that could thrive under heavy loads in remote, mountain environments, DMOS quickly built a strong collective of rugged individuals who all believe in the power of getting yourself unstuck. Our American-made, ultra-tough, pro-grade tools are built to survive a lifetime of adventure whether hunting, camping, overlanding or just getting up to something, somewhere way off the grid. Headquartered in Alpine, WY—the motorsports capital of our home state—we take pride in the trust we have earned for the tools we make. We back it up with our ironclad warranty and our money back guarantee.