About Genius Pack

Category Compartments
We engineered the interior panel with designated category compartments so you don't need to think what goes where.
Dedicated Space for Tech, Socks, and Undergarments
Open Up to Neatness
Specialized Stretch Mesh
You’ll be amazed by how much will fit in here.
Embedded Checklist
Never Forget Belts Again.
Secluded Laundry Compartment
Dirty clothing never touch clean clothes. And vice-versa.
2 External USB Ports
Juice up your tablet and smartphone simultaneously.
We designed an all-in-one charging cable to recharge iPhones, Android devices and also recharge the luggage itself. No need to carry adapter tips or separate charging cables.
Power Pack
The 10,000mAh Power Pack recharges smartphones up to four times. Unit is fully removable to comply with airline standards.
Maximum Capacity Carry On
100% Polycarbonate Shell
Reinforced impact resistant corners and external shell made from 100% polycarbonate - the material used in bulletproof products.
100% Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum Handle
Ultra Light: Just 6.8 lbs / 3 kgs
8 Wheels For An Effortless Glide
Integrated TSA Combination Lock
Scratch and Stain-Resistant
Built-in Garment Loop for Hanging Clothes
Compression Straps Keep Your Contents Snug and Secure
Built to last
Each Genius Pack unit is carefully tested prior to development.
Thoughtfully Designed
We've invested many months of brainstorming, designing and developing - addressing the smallest details.