About High Camp Flasks

Bootleggers designed hip flasks to conceal spirits from the authorities during prohibition. We enjoy this coat-pocket stash like everyone else, but we felt they were inadequate vessels for moments around the campfire. Our hip flasks were too small and bottle swigging felt disrespectful to the distillers who spent 12 years aging their proprietary malts. As our appetites for craft spirits grew, we decided: Just because we’re outdoors, doesn’t mean we have to drink like animals.

Our quest began with building the ultimate bar glass for the backcountry. We wanted a tumbler that was big, rugged, and easy on the eyes. At 11 fluid oz., our 6-Shooter Tumbler comfortably accommodates a proper tumbler grip: Index, middle & ring finger around the sides, and the pinky underneath.

Now, we needed to design a flask. This meant absolutely no plastic, with a microscopically smooth interior to preserve taste. Stainless steel is infinitely recyclable and the electropolished interior does not impart any unwanted flavors.

Lastly, we needed to attach the tumblers to our flask with magnets so that we did not compromise the interior of the tumbler or the exterior of the flask. The solution: A convenient way to transport tumblers and your flask as a single packable unit.