About Misc Goods Co

Misc. Goods Co builds products with practical purpose — keepsakes which are set apart. Manufactured in America, our goods are timeless in form and use, both for home and abroad.

My company was born out of difficult time. I wasn’t planning or even dreaming of running a product company. Misc. Goods wasn't sparked from a conversation among friends. It emerged from a dry-spell as a free-lance designer and took shape as I allowed my work to bend and shift; changing as opportunity came and working hard when it did. This opportunity for me came in the form of a monstrously successful Kickstarter campaign for a re-designed deck of playing cards. It changed my life and handed me a new set of responsibilities – to create useful, good products – to serve our customers and to remain ethical in all manufacturing. To push forward – ever-content, but never comfortable, to make Misc. Goods Co. a business I can be proud of.