About Offcourt

We’re OffCourt. We create fuel for post-sweat skin
It’s not that complicated: We make premium products for active men who sweat and shower frequently.

So, are we making products to stop the sweat?

Not at all. Sweating is great. It’s natural and necessary to keep us cool. However, all that sweat can cause odor – and all those showers that (hopefully) follow can cause itchy dryness, dehydration, and other chaos for skin and hair.

That’s where OffCourt comes in.

We’re the first company dedicated to creating products that specifically address these negative side effects of sweating.
And we’re all about results. Our carefully calibrated formulas use active ingredients like prebiotics usually reserved for products with much higher price tags. We stick to science and skip the trendy (and often unproven) ingredients to deliver noticeably better results at an accessible price point. So go ahead and leave your sweat on the field (or the rink, the bike, the slopes... or just your commute). We’ve got you covered when you step off the court.

Fragrances to Obsess Over
We’ve always searched for products that smell really good – and not in an overpowering, mask-the-odors-at-all-costs kind of way. But these great-smelling products always had huge premiums to match. Maybe you’d splurge on one once, but they never really make it into your regular rotation.

We think smelling good shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions—and we want you to feel the same. We collaborated with some of the most talented noses in the industry (yeah, that’s really what perfume-makers are called) and outspent our competitors by 2-3x. The result? Fresh, sophisticated scents that smell like you summer in Lake Como, but are affordable enough to use daily.