About Paperclip

Meet the Baxters — Artie, Sara, Wolf, and Bear, and the Buckleys — AJ, Abby, Willow, Ranger, and Bodhi. Paperclip founders, Artie & AJ, are best friends, entrepreneurs, actors, and, of course, dads. They’d like to take this opportunity and welcome you to the Paperclip family.

The first time AJ first attempted an out-of-home diaper change on his daughter Willow, there was no public changing station in the men’s room. He even asked a woman leaving the ladies’ room if there was one in there. There was. But you wouldn’t put your kid on it. After using his t-shirt on the countertop as a changing station, he thought, “there has to be a better way.”

Later that day, he and Artie sketched out an idea that would bring style, along with enhanced functionality — and starting in the fall of 2019, sustainability — to that most ubiquitous parental accessory: the diaper bag. Paperclip was born (pun intended).

Artie and AJ, along with their wives, Sara and Abby, launched Paperclip in early 2017. Starting with the first two models, the Willow and the Bear (named after Buckley and Baxter’s children, respectively), the popularity of the company has continued to grow. You’ll find Paperclip bags being used by everyday hero moms and dads, and some of the biggest names in social media, business, and Hollywood. And the guys are just getting started…

Moving into 2020, Paperclip will continue to bring new styles and innovations to the market. Recently when asked, Artie summed up the vision of the brand by saying, “We don’t see any reason why a changing bag, or any product, shouldn’t be great looking and functional at the same time.” AJ then quickly added, “And now we’re making them with recycled plastic. That’s what Paperclip is all about: putting it all together.”