About Unmarked

We are a company specialized in handmade leather boots and shoes. Whether you are looking for custom made boots or timeless design, we guarantee that your pair will be high quality, durable, and unique.

The fusion of heritage techniques with contemporary approaches of functionality and aesthetics is the essence of Unmarked vision and design. We produce Stitchdown, Goodyear welt (GYW), Side Wall Stitched footwear using the best possible quality standards and materials.

Goodyear welt is a shoemaking technique that was invented in the mid 1800’S by Charles Goodyear and involves many individual processes, but the key benefit is that the shoes are strong and last a long time, making it far easier to re-sole.

It takes up to 4 weeks to make our shoes and involves well over 200 individual steps.

We are a fair-trade company

We believe that high quality footwear is more than great design, durability, and comfort. We are committed to making a positive difference for the people that craft your shoes providing them with fair wages, working safe conditions, full-time employment, and its benefits.

We are also dedicated to creating a long-term economy. All our shoes and boots are made with the best materials to last for years and reduce waste.

Proudly made in Mexico.

Our Workshop is located in Leon, Mexico, in a 1958 Warehouse with the right vibe to create contemporary products using antique machinery and the best skilled craftsmanship. Some tools and machines are dated from the 1920s!